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Valadez Sensei 

A sensei is not a coach.  A sensei is a personal mentor who has committed to the student’s own practice and development.  

Senshin Center

The Martial Way

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David M. Valadez is the head instructor at Senshin Center.  He began his martial arts training in 1984.  He was a student of Kenpo Karate Founder Ed Parker, and he is a direct disciple of Kenpo Karate Master Teacher, Michael Robert Pick.  Valadez Sensei trained as an Aikido Kenshusei – “disciple trained as an instructor” – under T.K. Chiba Shihan and Nobuo Iseri Shihan.  Under Iseri Sensei, Valadez Sensei trained to learn many of the Aikido drills unique to this great teacher.  Valadez Sensei also trained in Japan under Kazuo Nomura Shihan.

Valadez Sensei did his Bachelor of Arts studies, his Master of Arts studies, and his Doctoral studies in the History of Religions with an emphasis in Japanese Religious Culture at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Professor Allan Grapard, a leader in Shinto Studies, has academically mentored him since 1988. 


Valadez Sensei has had several articles on Aikido published by Aikido Today Magazine, Aikido FAQ, Aikido Journal, and  He was also a featured columnist for "The Grindstone" at


Valadez Sensei developed and ran the advanced Arrest and Control program at the Allan Hancock Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Maria, CA.  He is a POST-certified Arrest and Control Instructor and a POST-certified Firearms Instructor for the State of California.  He is also an FBI-certified Firearms Instructor.  Valadez Sensei is a sworn law enforcement officer for a Southern California law enforcement agency.

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