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How many classes may my child attend per week?

At the heart of all martial technique is the assumption that a person holds mastery over his or her body and mind.  It is my opinion that a great disservice is committed when a teacher simply presumes this mastery in his or her students. The error of this presumption is even greater when it involves the child practitioner.  Today, with diminishing physical education programs in schools, and the common adoption of a more sedentary lifestyle, children are at a point further away than past generations have been in holding mastery over their body and mind.  For this reason, we ask and support our child members training as much as possible.  Aiki I students start out with two classes per week.  Aiki II students have six classes per week.  Aiki III students have thirty-three classes per week.  All this available training carries only the single child member Dues Responsibility.  Please take advantage of this!

--David M. Valadez, Senshin Center Dojocho

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