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Budo Contemplations:
Life Within a Warrior Asceticism

by David M. Valadez

Now available for purchase on Amazon


Dive deep into the profound intersection of physical mastery and spiritual contemplation with 'Budo Contemplations: Life Within a Warrior Asceticism' by David M. Valadez, head instructor at Senshin Center. Drawing from a wealth of martial arts experience, including training under the likes of Kenpo Karate Founder Ed Parker and Aikido Shihan T.K. Chiba Sensei, Valadez Sensei provides invaluable insights for Budoka on their journey of self-mastery and transcendence. With a master's degree in the History of Religions and a PhD candidacy under the mentorship of Professor Allan Grapard, a pioneer in the field Shinto Studies, Valadez Sensei offers a unique blend of practical wisdom and academic depth. Whether you're a martial artist seeking to enhance your practice or someone intrigued by the philosophy of warrior asceticism, this book is a transformative guide to a holistic and enlightened way of life.

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